God is Good! Looking back on 2016….

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If you set the “way-back” machine to around 1998 or 1999, I was a part of a different worship team in a different church. We did this old pentecostal sounding song called, “Look what The Lord has done.” The title of that song (not the song itself….Thank You Lord) was going through my mind today as I was reading our prayer wall (the large white boards on either side of the auditorium) that we installed around this time last year in preparation for the January, 2016 21 day fast.

Many of you will remember that we took time out to write prayer requests on these white boards and that, when an answer or breakthrough of some kind happened, we would circle that prayer request. Today I wrote down some of those answered prayers and it got me really excited to think about us all going into a new season of being bold in our faith and not only expecting God to move but acting on what His Word says!

Let’s “Look what The Lord has done” in 2016, taken directly from the answered prayers in our auditorium…

*Make me whole again

*New car

*Break the spirit of fear and doubt off of me

*For my sister to know you love her

*My stomach problems to go away, total healing

*Son’s salvation

*My friend to come near you

*A reliable car

*That I know what to do next

*My friend to get to know you and show her family that you are real

*Healing and provision

*For God to show me what He wants me to do with my life

*Bring my sister home

*To live fearless

*Direction, confidence, peace, courage

*For my friend to follow God

*Letting go of what others think of me

*Revelation of God’s grace

*My great uncle’s salvation

*Healing for teacher’s son

*Salvation and deliverance for my family

*Healing of cancer in my best friend


Salvations, Miraculous Healing, Provision, Restoring Families, Breaking Bondage, Revelation, Changes in thinking, Personal evangelism…

God has been busy in 2016, and so have you! It’s an unbiblical view of God’s sovereignty to think that we just sit back and whatever happens must be God’s will. We have a point of participation in His will and it’s clear that Journey Church understands that! These answered prayers are proof positive of people believing and acting on God’s Word.

So 2016 has been full of challenges and victories both. But you can clearly see God moving. And as great as it has been, the best is yet to come! As you prepare to fast and pray, expect a breakthrough, expect a miracle! But also remember that prayer is so much more than bringing a list of needs to God. Prayer is a two way relationship with our Father. He created you for His pleasure. Use this time to get to know Him better than ever and fill yourself up with His Word. Let the testimonies of God’s goodness in 2016 propel you into a deeper expression and walk of faith in 2017, and also a deeper relationship with God!

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