Day 1: Breakthrough

 In Fasting, Prayer

Pastor Robert Morris helps us to pray for breakthroughs in finances, marriages, families, and jobs. Let’s believe strong for breakthrough in 2017!

Day 1 Video Link:
>> Breakthrough with Pastor Robert Morris

Through the Epistles (Romans to Jude) in 21 Days
>> Read Romans chapters 1-6

The Epistles of the New Testament
Christ had come, and the message about him had been preached. Churches had been established. The apostles and early Christians had established a gospel witness throughout the ancient world. But Christians need instruction. They must be taught the details and implications of their faith — this is the purpose of the New Testament Epistles.

The Gospels announce that Jesus has come. The book of Acts records the spread of the gospel out from Jerusalem to the world. And now in the Epistles (letters) the apostles to the churches and to individual Christians providing instruction in the Christian faith.

Join us in a 21 day reading plan that covers all of the Epistles from the book of Romans to Jude. It’s not nearly as hard as you might think. By reading six chapters each day, you will complete all of the Epistles in 21 days. Use a journal and take notes as you read. There is an incredible amount of wisdom, insight, and revelation in the next 21 days of Bible reading!

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