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Sarah - Hillcrest Hope Tenant

Sarah – Hillcrest Hope Resident

Meet Sarah, our newest Journey Church resident at Hillcrest Hope. She has been in the apartment less than a week. She is a single mom of a soon to be 2 year old named Gabriella. Gabe is an active child that loves anything to do with Minnie Mouse.

Sarah is currently working two part time jobs. She works as a hairdresser in a salon and also works for a delivery service.

We were able to meet and talk to her at the Hillcrest Hope Christmas party, and is very appreciative that she is in the apartment. She feels that most of her past problems have come from not knowing how to handle bills so she is looking forward to the budget counseling that Hillcrest offers.

I spoke to her about Journey Church and invited her to our Christmas Eve service. During our conversation she mentioned that she is not “religious”. Her family never went to church so she doesn’t really know how she feels about church. The Holy Spirit is filling me up with the possibilities. I get to plant the seeds and show her the love that God has for her and the love that Journey Church can provide.

Let’s pray that Sarah is up for the tasks ahead and that we can introduce her to the love that God has in store for her.

If you want to give or get involved helping with Hillcrest Hope, contact me using the email below.

Thank you!

Julie Avila

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