Hillcrest Hope Graduation Party – Sponsored by Journey

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Journey Church recently sponsored the Graduation Party for our resident Sarah and her 2-year-old daughter.

Sarah, accepted the helping hand that Hillcrest Hope and Journey Church offered her. In 4 months (with her termination) she was able to pay off thousands of dollars of debt and save over two thousand dollars to start her new life.

She has a great attitude and accepted the financial changes and challenges that were set down for her. Through the small strides every week at the end of her four months she met all of the goals that had been set for her.

She has seen the love that Journey Church has for all people, and the party allowed Journey to plant the seeds of faith with all of the tenants who attended from Hillcrest.

I want to thank everyone who helped with the party, food and gifts. I thank everyone who helps this ministry throughout the year.

Julie Avila

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