Audacious Endeavors at Hillcrest Hope in Liberty, Missouri

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While listening to Mike Ploen, (the guest speaker on June 3, 2018) his message on Audacious Endeavors
spoke to me.

These are some of the things I heard him say (in my own words of course)…

  • God is calling us to engage in things that are not always for us.
  • What’s in your heart for others?
  • Maybe there is something in you for God?

From High School student to seasoned adult, we need to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives. What’s the something that connects you to the something that is greater than you? Our hearts should be in our region and our city. This causes me to ask, what’s within me for Liberty and the surrounding areas? This is my community.

I am trying to find volunteers to fill in some gaps in the Hillcrest Hope ministry. There are no big needs in the sponsored Journey apartment at this time, but Hillcrest Hope has an urgent need in some other areas that Journey Church can fill.

Hillcrest Hope has two locations. The Liberty location is at 612 N Grover St, and the Avondale location is
at 2901 NE Jaudon St, Avondale MO.

The Liberty Location has the following needs:

  • This is an urgent need: Two men who can help Maycel Stark (from our church) lay a wood
    laminate floor in an apartment. The same apartment needs electrical repairs and Maycel needs
    another set of willing hands to help with this. No family can move in until these repairs are
    completed. Hillcrest is buying all needed supplies.
  • A couple of people that could go from apartment to apartment and make minor repairs. If these
    individuals are not capable of doing the repairs they could document them so someone else
    could be found to do the repairs.
  • Someone who could scrape, repair and paint the outside of the building windows and doors. The
    building is mostly brick.
  • Paint team that would go into apartments and paint the new trims that were just installed.

The Avondale location has the following needs:

  • Someone/team who is willing to take care of the food pantry. Stocking, cleaning, organizing and
    going through the refrigerator to remove expired or old items. Maybe an hour each week.
  • Administrative person: If you like to make files and do paperwork, or organize paperwork and
    answering phones and returning phone messages etc. Preparing notebooks for residents and
    helping the case manager with the paper workload. Coming once or twice a month.
  • Grounds person: Someone who could care for the grounds at Avondale about an hour a week.

Hillcrest Hope is part of our community. Please help where you can. Contact me if you would like to get involved.

Thank you!

Julie Avila

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