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My name is Christy Sharp and I just want to share a testimony of God’s goodness.

He has been using the song, the Goodness of God, by Bethel Worship in my life so mightily over the past few months! It started last fall after my son Andrew married, when we were singing the song at church, in Journey worship. God showed me a vision of His goodness to Andrew all throughout Andrew’s life; how he brought him a good wife and how he had been faithful to him at different times in his life.

The very next day, we heard the song in another setting and God showed me a vision of MY life with my husband and how He had been so good to us; times He’d walked us through the fire, times He’d been a father to us when we needed it, times when we have lost precious, loved ones in our family, and he had just had been so so good!!

A few days later, the song played at my kids’ school Northland Christian, where they attend weekly Chapel. During Chapel, they were singing Goodness of God for the first time. During that time, God gave me a vision of his goodness to my children; that they were able to be in a Christian School where they have worship and prayer and that he was going to be good to this generation of kids that were here.

A few months later, we were at a concert with my 13 year old daughter who we had adopted from Ethiopia. During the concert, the song played and my daughter was singing along. God showed me how all my daughter’s life, even in her hard times before joining our family, even in the hard times with our family, he’s been faithful to her and he’s going to be faithful her whole life.

Lastly, just a few weeks ago in Colorado, my whole family except for Ashur, (he was on a mission trip in Colorado at a church) were all singing this song together and it was so good! God is so faithful guys!

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