Carol Puttroff – How God Saved Me

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My name is Carol Puttroff and here is my story. This is my testimony of how God alone saved me.

In December of 2020 I became very fearful of the virus and the spirit of fear took over my life. I was extremely anxious, fearful and depressed. All day I didn’t leave my house and when I did I was so afraid I would turn back and come home.

I went to the doctor and he gave me anti-anxiety and anti-depressants that only made matters worse; more fear, more spiritual attacks until I was so tormented I wanted to die.

I ended up in Signature mental hospital for 10 days. I couldn’t see a way out. I had my friends pray for me and my friend Pam Parker invited me to Journey. Being afraid to leave my house, I watched online and then I decided to attend in person and had the prayer team pray for me.

Pam encouraged me to read scripture as I did before these attacks as this was the only weapon against such attacks and fears.

I began attending Journey Church, reading Bible verses daily, praying earnestly and trusting God to save me. Praise God, he lifted me out of my depression and despair. I no longer take anti-depressants and I now go to a therapist. I still get anxious at times but I am able to get over it with the help of The Holy Spirit and scriptures.

I give God all the glory and credit for making me new. Thank you Father. In Jesus name amen and amen!!

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