21 Days of Prayer – Day 9

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I saw this quote from Mark Batterson on prayer: “One litmus test of spiritual maturity is whether your dreams are getting bigger or smaller. The older you get, the more faith you should have because you’ve experienced more of God’s faithfulness.”

The sad thing is that I’ve seen the opposite happen in a lot of people…the older they get, the more disappointed they are. The older they get, the smaller the dreams get because of the “reality” of life. I get it…when we’re young, sometimes we have more “dreams” than common sense will allow or maybe a better way to put it would be that our dreams really don’t have genuine faith to back them up yet. Either way, we start off dreamers and somewhere along the way we whittle the dream back down to a manageable size as we get some more “experience”.

I believe a healthy dose of reality is a good thing no doubt. I also know that it’s too easy to make doubt and unbelief look like “wisdom” or “reality”. I want to be a guy who still believes that “all things are possible”. I want to pray the kind of prayers that get bigger from year to year because I serve a faithful God who goes beyond anything I can ask or think! Are you with me?

– Pastor Shawn

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