21 Days of Prayer – Day 4

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I recently read this somewhere: Prayer is not just about the answer; it’s also about glorifying God in the process of waiting for the answer.

Here’s the question….Is Jesus enough? Or is it really about what Jesus can give us? I’m not just talking about dream jobs, dream houses, perfect families or prosperity. Most of us expect to wait for things like that if we pray those prayers at all. So we allow God a little more “grace” to take his time to answer certain prayers. Still, we all have those areas where we expect that God should have already taken care of it. We’ve asked a million times but God seems to be running late or not even caring at all.

We can apply this to even more “spiritual” requests like the prayer for peace, joy, strength, open door for ministry or a place to feel accepted. As good as these things are, we still need to have the correct outlook on the situation even when we don’t feel the peace or joy or whatever it is we’re seeking. Even when it seems that the prayer hasn’t been answered yet…can we glorify him in the process? Are we seeking these things above Jesus?

Is it about Jesus or about what He can give us? If it’s truly about Jesus, I think we have a shot at glorifying Him in the wait. We should pray prayers of faith but also realize that it takes faith to simply trust in the waiting. What are you praying for? Can you glorify Him all the way through the process? The truth is….JESUS IS ENOUGH!

– Pastor Shawn

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