21 Days of Prayer – Day 20

 In Fasting, Prayer

Psalm 118:21 says: I thank you for answering my prayer and giving me victory!

Has God ever answered your prayer? Was there a time when you needed healing, salvation or deliverance and He came through? Was there a moment when you had lost all hope and found yourself in despair and cried out to Him for peace and joy and it came supernaturally rushing in? Have you ever been at a fork in the road desperately needing wisdom and answers from the Lord and He brought guidance? If so, THANK HIM! Remembering past victories gives us faith for future ones!

Prayer is not about getting what we want from God and moving on! Prayer is forming a relationship with Him so that we can follow closer, hear more clearly and feel the heart of God in a more real way so that His desires and nature becomes ours. If God is just a genie in a bottle to us we’ve totally missed the point. Gratitude for who He is and for the good things He has done in the past is a reflection of a true relationship not just a Coke machine where we can put enough quarters in [prayer] and the machine owes us a Coke.

Spend some time today reflecting on answered prayer of the past. If you can’t recall specifics then maybe consider keeping a journal of answered prayer in the future. If you struggle to remember a past victory then read about somebody else’s to build your faith in a faithful God who hears us and want us to walk with Him!

– Pastor Shawn

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