21 Days of Prayer – Day 19

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We are such a society of the “instant” that I’m not sure if we have much appreciation or much less the capacity for the “big picture”. We want our prayers answered as fast as our order should be filled at the fast food chain and when it isn’t, we’re disappointed. That’s just human nature…or maybe our American nature.

There’s something to be said for praying the longhaul. The unsung heroes of the great revivals and the great salvation stories are those who prayed long and hard for years behind the scenes. Quite possibly generations of prayer happened before sweeping revivals broke free. Are we the type of people who could be content if that was our role? What if our generation was here to pray in the revival for the next? Would we play our part? These are just thoughts that are bouncing through my head lately.

Don’t be discouraged by the amount of time that your prayer has gone unanswered, increase your capacity for “big picture” thinking and be honored to be a part of what God may do years from now or even generations from now and the role we can have in it today! At the same time, let’s live and pray like revival and answered prayer could happen any second! Living for Jesus is always about living in the tension of the “now” and “not yet”.

– Pastor Shawn

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