100 Day Dare - Journey Church

We have started the 100 Day Dare!

Here are the 4 Dares we are encouraging everyone to do over the first 100 days of 2022.  Our goal is for everyone at Journey to complete the 100 Day Dare.

DARE 1: Faithfully attend weekend services at Journey

DARE 2: Read the 100 Day Bible Reading Plan

• 1st 50 Days – Old Testament Bible Plan
• 2nd 50 Days – New Testament

DARE 3: Serve somewhere on the weekend at Journey

Click HERE to let us know that you want to start serving at Journey and we will help you get on a Journey Team.

DARE 4: Get in a DARE Group

DARE Groups will typically meet twice a month through the first 100 days of the year. Look over the current list of DARE Groups below and SEND AN EMAIL to the leader of the group for information on their next gathering and to see if they have room in their group.

If it has been a challenge for you to find a group we want to help. Click on the “I WANT TO JOIN A GROUP” link below to let us know and we will help you.

Journey DARE Groups


Chris and Felecia Athey

Email: atheyf@gmail.com
Location: Kearney / Liberty

Kai and Trista Frederick

Email: kaifrederick@att.net
Location: Liberty


Kenny and Jennie Benke

Email: jenniebenke37@gmail.com
Location: Liberty

Craig and Joan Guy

Email: joana356@yahoo.com
Location: Liberty

James and Cynthia Heck

Email: jbcrheck@yahoo.com
Location: Kearney

Kevin and Dara Martin

Email: kmartin@harvesters.org
Location: Liberty

Jeremy and Janet Phillips

Email: jeremyphillipsemail@gmail.com
Location: Liberty

Shawn and Caitlyn Phillips

Email: shawnphillipsemail@gmail.com
Location: Liberty


Nick and Ashley Backs

Email: nicktbacks@gmail.com
Location: Holt

Mark and Heidi Cowee

Email: mark513@gmx.com
Location: Liberty

Tom and Becky DeWitt

Email: tom_becky_dewitt@sbcglobal.net
Location: Excelsior Springs / Kearney

Jeff and Becky Halloran

Email: rockchalkjeff@gmail.com
Location: Liberty

Andy and Nina Jarrett

Email: ajj1414@hotmail.com
Location: Liberty

Drew and Christa Jelmeland

Email: drewandchrista@gmail.com
Location: North Gladstone / Staley Area

Daniel and Analia Morrow

Email: daniel_morrow@icloud.com
Location: Zona Rosa / NW Kansas City Area

Josiah and Makayla Phillips

Email: josiahphillipsemail@gmail.com
Location: Liberty


Tom and Karen West

Email: tom.wild.west@gmail.com
Location: Platte City Area


Jim and Wendi Godwin

Email: jimandwen@hotmail.com
Location: Liberty

Delaine Hash

Email: journeykcoffice@gmail.com
Location: Liberty

Mike and Colleen O’Toole

Email: otoole.mike@gmail.com
Location: Liberty

Ben and Lydia Phillips

Email: lydiap.pcs@gmail.com
Location: Kearney

Shawn and Bekah Phillips

Email: shawn@journeykc.com
Location: between Kearney and Smithville

Aaron and Sarah Porr

Email: aaron@journeykc.com
Location: Excelsior Springs

Terri and Terry Wells

Email: Tntwells@gmail.com
Location: Liberty


Brian and Jennifer Main

Email: jenthemotherhen@yahoo.com
Location: Liberty

Richard and Ginny Porr – 50+ Group

Email: richard.porr@gmail.com
Location: Liberty

Bob and Brenda VanCamp

Email: Libertylady00@hotmail.com
Location: Liberty


Robert and Carla Tucker

Email: tuckerfam01@yahoo.com
Location: Smithville Area

Jordan and Mariah Wheelhouse

Email: mariahanne98@yahoo.com
Location: North of Liberty

Elevate Youth DARE Groups – 1st & 3rd THURSDAYS

Caitlyn Phillips

Email: caitlynjphillips33@gmail.com
Location: Liberty

Kayla Sharp

Email: kaylaporr@gmail.com
Location: Liberty

Kelsey Porr

Email: kelseyporr@yahoo.com
Location: Liberty

Andrew Sharp

Email: sharpandrew42@gmail.com
Location: Liberty

Small Groups Ministry in Liberty, Missouri



First Steps for New Believers

Leader Names: Gary & Kelly Poole and Tom & Karen West
Contact Email: luke137kel@yahoo.com

>> Click HERE to let us know that you want to Attend

Starting Date: Next Class begins on Wednesday, May 4th

Description: If you have asked Jesus to be Lord of your life in the last year and would like assistance in understanding the basic truths of Christianity then consider signing up for this 12-week study. The goal of this group is to provide Biblical truth to build a strong foundation that will help you on your road toward Christian maturity.

The group meets weekly for 12 weeks reviewing key truths from the Bible and how to apply them to your life. We believe the time spent will help you lay a solid base to grow in your Christian life.

The Believer’s Authority

Leader Name & Email: Kris Yeager – k_yeager@att.net
Day & Time: Meets on the 2nd & 4th MONDAY of each month at 7pm. Call Kris Yeager at 816-529-9641 for location.
Description: This group will discuss the book “The Believer’s Authority” by Andrew Wommack. In the age and culture that we live in, we need to know how to fight the good fight. By understanding the authority that God has given us, we can stand successfully against the devil and his tactics. Learning about our authority is a must for every believer. This study explains to us clearly our authority in the Kingdom of God. It will prepare you, arm you for the battles you will face and enable you to be victorious.


The Bridge Connect Group

Leader Name & Email: Bethany Beeghley – soaringsolounlimited@gmail.com
Day, Time & Location: Meets 1 – 2 times a month, one time is typically the first Saturday of each month. Contact the Group Leader for details.
Description: We are an intentional community gathering for building friendships, making connections, and furthering God’s work in the Kingdom. We meet 1 – 2 times a month to fellowship, eat food, do activities, and attend community events together. This group is for singles, divorced, widowed, and dating couples ages 26 – 59 years old. Childcare is not provided. This group is an open group so contact the Group Leader to get connected.

Basketball Connect Group

Leader Name & Email: Bob Couch – bob@eproinc.com
Day, Time & Location: Meets every Sunday (excluding holiday weekends) from 2-4:30pm at a local High School Gym. Contact Bob for the location
Description: Join us for an opportunity to come together, meet new people and get exercise all while playing a game! This group is for ages 16 and over.


Women’s Online Bible Study

Leader Name & Email: Sarah Porr – saraheporr@gmail.com
Day & Time: Contact the Leader for current options and how to get involved.
Description: This group meets online for devotions and discussion using various study materials and the Bible app.

Ladies Bible Study

Leader Name & Email: Julie Avila – julia.avila05@gmail.com
Day & Time: Typically meets on Mondays two times each month
Description: This group will discuss how the weekly sermons at Journey can be further applied to our lives.

Ladies Book Study

Leader Name & Email: Brenda VanCamp – libertylady00@hotmail.com
Day & Time: Meets on SUNDAY at 5:30pm. Contact the Group Leader for Time & Location
Description: This ladies book study uses various book resources to learn and grow in our relationship with God.

Young Adult Women

Leader Name & Email: Nina Jarrett – ninajarrett@yahoo.com
Day & Time: Meets on the 1st & 3rd FRIDAY of each month at 6pm.

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